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Cinema Quality Productions

We offer everything from freelance technical services to full service film production, from concept to final execution in the genres of B2B/Corporate, TVC, Documentary, and Online Content. We have the expertise and in-house equipment to ensure an international standard of production – a process that starts with the gem of an idea and ends with the final polish of production. O


Our principal, Paul Russell,  has extensive experience creating content for both Malaysian and international brands in a variety of markets from FMCG to Music. From the initial strategy to the final product, we follow through with a keen eye on every detail in every production. 

Corporate Messaging

From simple interview pieces through expertly crafted TVCs to complex long form documentary, we bring a very seasoned and professional eye to each project. Check out some of our Corporate / Talking Heads videos


Very often your story needs a bit more room, and that’s where the documentary format comes into play. We make anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes longform

Production Support

Need help shooting in Malaysia? We can provide everything from a simply interview crew and director team to a larger full production with logistical support. 

Post Production

Our production and online capability resides in a custom built room and is equipped with high end equipment and software capable of producing a full feature film with perfect sound in 4K resolution. 

Freelance Crew

Paul is also available as a freelance Director or DOP for any production. 


What a wonderful surprise. 

Six Successes!

It’s not very often that a run like this comes around, but this weekend (9-10 November 2019) was a perfect storm for all three of our latest shorts, each one picking up a Best Film in various categories in several prestigious international film festivals. 

Beyond Staffing, our latest, won Best Short Fim and Best Director at the MP Film Festival, Season 4 2019 in Belgium

Cats! won Best Short Comedy People’s Choice Awards at both the Austria International Film Festival and the World Film Fair in Los Angeles.

The Returning won Best Horror Film at both the Madrid Arts Film Festival and the World Film Fair in LA. 

None of this recognition would be possible without the help of the very important people who have been in front of and behind the camera in each of these projects, including:

Tunku Halim
Fairil Emran Desa
Leila Louise Fitton
Keren Bala Devan
Adrianna Astle
Rose Marie
David Yáñez Barroso
Shafina Sukiman
Rosli Basir
Chloe Yap
Amanda, Michael and Connor Russell

Stephen O Reynolds


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