Excellence Comes From Attention to Detail

Our far-reaching network of craftsmen and freelancers means that that we can pull in the right people to complete any given task. One of our core values is to treat our freelancers well and pay them on time.

To support this philosophy we actively seek out clients who believe in the quality and craft of great work and its true value. We don’t expect to be the Walmart of film production and we do not compete at the lowest and cheapest levels. Instead we offer efficient productions, a wealth of experience, a great sense of humour and a high quality, international standard product.



Paul’s Awards

The Returning

Best Director of the Month, AAB International Film Festival, May 2018
Best Director of the Month: Direct Short Online Film Festival Dec 2017
Best Indie Short Film: Five Continents International Film Festival #13 2018
Best Romance (Short Film): South Cinematographic Academy Film and Arts 2018
Best Sound Design (Short Film): South Cinematographic Academy Film and Arts 2018
Third Audience Award: South Cinematographic Academy Film and Arts 2018
Award of Excellence, Direction: Depth of Field International Film Festival Spring 2018
Award of Excellence, Editing : Depth of Field International Film Festival Spring 2018
Award of Merit: Accolade Global Film Competition
Award of Merit: Canada Shorts Film Festival 2017
Award of Merit, Producer: Southern Shorts Awards, Drama 2017
Award of Merit, Director: Southern Shorts Awards, Drama 2017
Award of Merit, Cinematography: Southern Shorts Awards, Drama 2017
Award of Merit, Music: Southern Shorts Awards, Drama 2017
Award of Merit, Editing: Southern Shorts Awards, Drama 2017

Paul Russell

Award Winning DOP/Director

Paul is an award winning British DOP/Director who made South East Asia his home in 1995. He picked up his first camera in the late 1970’s and has been shooting ever since. He is a well-travelled, pragmatic perfectionist.

“I apply a very musical approach to the storytelling of my films,” he says, “I like to find the rhythms, the solid chord structure and the soaring melodies in every story.”

Paul first started telling those stories in 1995 as a copywriter in Singapore after 12 years in corporate IT sales in the UK. By 2000 he was freelancing at the major MNC agencies, where he conceived press, TV and radio campaigns for a wide variety of multi-national brands.

While at McCann Erickson in 2001 he wrote the Web Without Wires Commercial for Motorola that was shot by Hollywood director Oliver Stone.

By 2002 his work also included his one-time hobby, photography, and in 2007 he moved into video.

In 2006 he wrote the executive summary that sold Genting into the Integrated Resort on Sentosa. And in 2007 he wrote the executive summary, designed the book and led the winning sales strategy for the tender to build and operate the Singapore Sports Hub.

Currently, Paul is working on the development of a new feature film based on the short stories of best-selling Malaysian author Tunku Halim. His short film, The Returning. has won several awards at international film festivals.

As a musician and composer, Paul has released or co-released several CDs and is a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore.

Shafina Sukiman


Though diminitive in stature, the quality of Shafina’s character makes her a giant in our eyes.

She is a Producer and dedicated storyteller who prizes authenticity in every piece of narrative she works on. Her first success with us was producing our viral comedy, Cats!

Shafina fell into the world of video production and the excitement of film making right out of university and she still shows no signs of stopping. From various local indie films to international tv series like Indian Summers (UK), she has been on the team of every scale of production.

Her friendly demeanour and sharp wit make her a fabulous team player who keeps morale high during the toughest of challenges.

Shafina’s leisure hours are taken up with developing her own standup comedy routine. She is as comfortable and talented in front of the camera as she is behind it.

Although she is the latest addition to our team, Shafina has already proven herself to be a great bonus. We love working with her and we know that you will enjoy it too.