Thus… With a Kiss Gets a Facelift

Back in 2014 we collaborated with our friends Jo Mama to create Thus… With A Kiss, starring excellent local actor, Alfred Loh. This time Fairil (star of The Returning) stayed behind the camera to direct this spooky thriller. 

With Beyond Staffing safely on its way out to the world, we decided to put a fresh coat of paint on this earlier masterpiece, which has benefited greatly from setting the black levels and contrast correctly with the latest tech.

The script was co-written by Paul Russell and a young American talent called Rhonnie Fordham, who has gone on to scripting feature films. We also borrowed some lines from a reputable bard, William Shakespeare.

Music provided by our very talented friend Adison Albert.

So settle in and prepare yourself for a dark, lonely night with our budding thespian, as he finds his rehearsal doesn’t quite go as planned. 

Tiny crew impresses festival judges

This is the crew that created Beyond Staffing. All very happy because this is the face that everyone pulls when the director has shouted ‘that’s a wrap’.

But they’re also happy because Beyond Staffing is being selected into almost every festival it enters. We were in the semi-finals at the Toronto Alternate Film Festival in September, and we are now competing in the Direct Monthly Film Fest, The UK Monthly Film Fest and the International Online Webfest.

The competition, being completely international, is always fierce, but we are confident that our quirky little dark/satire/fantasy/sci-fi/horror film will pick up an award or two over the coming year.

Wish us luck!

“In the Short Film world, simply getting into a festival is like an Oscar Nomination. It means that your film is of cinema quality, and that it has beaten out up to a thousand other films who will not have been selected.”



The new reel shows off Paul’s quirky sense of humour in both comedies and horror/suspense environments

Quirky Sense of Humour

Today we are proud to present our new Director’s Reel, featuring the work of our leader and in-house Director, Paul Russell. 

The reel shows off Paul’s abilities in getting great performances out of talented people, even without words. His quirky sense of humour, even in thriller or horror movies, shines through. 

Somehow, despite very tight budgets his shorts always attract great talent, many of who have gone to work in TV and Cinema, including Fairil Imran Desa (Strikeback), Anwaar Beg Moghal (Strikeback, My Girl) and Ayez Shaukat Fonseka (Shadowplay).

Featuring some great talents, including:

Fairil Imran Desa 
Leila Louise Fitton
Adrianna Aye
Keren Bala Devan
Tony Kennedy
Rasheedi Jaafar
Zariman Zainal Abidin
Vick Menon