No Task Too Varied or Challenging

A wide variety of styles and methods

The term ‘Online Content’ covers a multitude of sins; whether it’s a pop video or a corporate presentation, viral or tactical video. 

Here are some of the videos that we have been part of producing. 

Northern Lights

Created for Luthier Ed Hiew, this mainly macro piece shows some of the stages of hand building a custom guitar

Directed and shot by Paul Russell

Dentsu Top Predictions for 2017

Directed by Tom Radford, this amusing piece was a viral promo for Dentsu Singapore.

Director of Photography (live action): Paul Russell

Flex: Technology

A very successful Facebook ad directed by Tom Radford. This piece pulled in over 750,000 views and a very long Facebook thread with more than 500 comments.

Director of Photography: Paul Russell


Siren: with Tehmina Kaoosji

One day we wanted to test out our Ronin, so our favourite stylist, Fancy Rosie, convinced all round TV personality and model Tehmina Kaoosji to spend a day with us in Port Dickson, looking to catch some lighting in a bottle.

Shooting New York

Two chopper flights, one cruise, and a bit of stalking around various places during the day and night. All shot during one hectic week in October 2012.

Shot on Red Epic.