Gene Parsons 2019 Redux

An American Eccentric Revisited

In 2012, while on a Grand Tour of 33 states of the USA with his family, Paul visited former rock star Gene Parsons in California with the intention of buying a new guitar. 

Gene is a very interesting and talented man, and so Paul shot this profile of him.  In 2019 he revisited the colour grade using Red’s IPP2 colour science, and in the process made some tweaks to the intro and the cut. 

The result is a very warm and engaging fireside chat with the man himself. He talks about his invention, the String Bender, his fascination for model steam trains and his love of restoring ancient banjos.

Technical notes.

This was shot in 4k with a Red Epic MX in raw format. The glass used was an old set of Mamiya 645 medium format, 35mm, 45mm and 80mm. Remastered in Da Vinci Resolve using IPP2, 2019.