It’s been a good week, with Cats! being selected for some more international film festivals, including the Short Cine Fest. It also won Best Comedy in the South Cinematographic Film and Arts Festival couple of weeks ago. Top work by all of the team, including the star Keren Bala Devan, who will definitely be famous one day, I promise.

I’m writing this in Manila airport waiting for my connection to Malaysia. Glad to be coming back to KL today after an 8 day shoot in Cambodia and the Philippines for Dentsu/Toyota, working with one of my favourite directors/collaborators, Tom Radford. I’ve got a week to catch up with the paperwork before heading to Vietnam for the final phase. It’s a very interesting project that will be very nice when it comes out. The logistics are incredible and there are lots of complications, but it will all be alright on the night.


Some of what we are doing involves the Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment, the South Bank’s house orchestra. Without doubt one of the finest orchestras I’ve ever seen/heard, and a lovely bunch of people too. They are playing KL on 13th November in the auditorium at Petronas Towers, and I highly recommend this to anyone who is into classical music. You might even see me there.

However, the trip has not been without incident. Only yesterday I was served half a dead cockroach in my dinner at a Pasay City restaurant. Yuck! I don’t know who got the other half, but I didn’t stick around to find out. I’ve seen enough Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares to know that any kitchen that lets a cockroach get into the food chain is not one you want to wolf down a lunch at. I’ve eaten Crickets and Grubs in Thailand, Balut in Davao and Durian almost anywhere I can find it, but cockroaches are way too crunchy for me. 




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