About Us

Cinema Quality Productions

We have the expertise and in-house equipment to ensure an international standard of production – a process that starts with the gem of an idea and ends with the final polish of production. 


Putting our Gear into action

Filming a Top 20 music video for Nik Qistina


The two principals, Jeremy and Paul, have extensive experience creating content for both Malaysian and international brands. From the initial strategy to the final product, we follow through with a keen eye on every detail in every production. 


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Award Winning Short – The Returning



An Asian Gothic Ghost Story


Currently winning awards at Film Festivals around the world

The Returning

Based on a short story by best selling Malaysia author Tunku Halim.

Starring Fairil Emran Desa and Leila Louise Fitton.



Cinematography Showreels

Paul’s Music Video Showreel

Paul’s Narrative Showreel

Paul’s Corporate Showreel