About Us

Cinema Quality Productions

We have the expertise and in-house equipment to ensure an international standard of production – a process that starts with the gem of an idea and ends with the final polish of production. 


Putting our Gear into action

Filming a Top 20 music video for Nik Qistina


Our principal, Paul Russel,  has extensive experience creating content for both Malaysian and international brands in a variety of markets from FMCG to Music. From the initial strategy to the final product, we follow through with a keen eye on every detail in every production. 


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Award Winning Short – The Returning



An Asian Gothic Ghost Story


Currently winning awards at Film Festivals around the world

The Returning

Based on a short story by best selling Malaysia author Tunku Halim.

Starring Fairil Emran Desa and Leila Louise Fitton.



Cinematography Showreels

Paul’s Music Video Showreel

Paul’s Narrative Showreel

Paul’s Corporate Showreel