The new reel shows off Paul’s quirky sense of humour in both comedies and horror/suspense environments

Quirky Sense of Humour

Today we are proud to present our new Director’s Reel, featuring the work of our leader and in-house Director, Paul Russell. 

The reel shows off Paul’s abilities in getting great performances out of talented people, even without words. His quirky sense of humour, even in thriller or horror movies, shines through. 

Somehow, despite very tight budgets his shorts always attract great talent, many of who have gone to work in TV and Cinema, including Fairil Imran Desa (Strikeback), Anwaar Beg Moghal (Strikeback, My Girl) and Ayez Shaukat Fonseka (Shadowplay).

Featuring some great talents, including:

Fairil Imran Desa 
Adrianna Aye
Keren Bala Devan
Tony Kenney
Rasheedi Jaafar
Zariman Zainal Abidin
Vick Menon


Beyond Staffing Gets a Trailer

Some people might ask “why do a one minute trailer for an 11 minute film?’ 

And you might be justified in asking that too. The answer is ‘because we can’, and it’s probably the best one your’re going to get. 

But at the same time it’s not like we can’t take an opportunity to subvert the genre, is it?

So here we have happy (although rather confused) Mindy attending what she thinks is a job interview, complete with motivational American music. 

After that it all goes downhill. But what else would you expect?

Beyond Staffing is our new existential, dark, sci-fi comedy satire, which we made just to prove how many bases we can cover in 11 minutes. 

If you would like to see it, call or email or even use the contact form for a Secret Squirrel link. 

When Mindy Kelly wakes up in the weirdest recruitment consultancy she’s ever seen, she doesn’t realise exactly how much of a shock she is going to get, nor how life changing her next decision will be.

Beyond Staffing is the most ambitious international collaboration we have done so far. The collaborative team included people from USA, Malaysia, UK. Spain and New Zealand

Not For the Faint Hearted

When Mindy Kelly wakes up in a recruitment agency she is in for a few surprises. 

This is the basic premise of our new short film, Beyond Staffing, which is in the final stages of post production. 

Co-written by Stephen O Reynolds (USA) and Paul Russell (UK/Malaysia), this weird, dark crossover leans heavily on Monty Python and Kurt Vonnegut influences. It’s a dark trip with a twisted sense of humour, definitely not for the faint hearted. 

Kiwi comic Adrianna Aye adds a terrific nuanced performance as the bewildered Mindy, who has to think on her toes if she is to get her next reward.

Once finished, Beyond Staffing will go to selected film festivals for viewing, before becoming publicly available some time in 2020.



Adrianna Aye as Mindy
Maying Sobey as Janet
Paul Michael Connor as Tropy

Paul Russell, Producer, Director, Editor

David Yáñez Barroso, DOP
Rosli Basir, Assistant Camera
The Enigmatic Chloe, Production Assistant/Grip