Beyond Staffing Dec 2019 Poster

  • Best Comedy Short Film
  • Best Lead Actress Short Film
  • Best Art Direction Short Film
    Paul Russell

Seven Awards at Five Continents

There was much jubilation at FTFHQ when Beyond Staffing swept in a total of seven awards at the Five Continents Film Festival in Venezuela this month. 

The short won three major awards (listed below left) including Best Comedy, and 4 Special Mention Awards for Cinematography, Direction. Editing and Best Supporting Actor. 

Lead Actress Adrianna Astle picked up the Best Actress Award, while the third was awarded for the dark and witty Art Direction featured in the film. 

This continues a cracking run which was only started in November and will continue through the next year.  So far the film has won ten awards and received one nomination (Best Actress, for Adrianna), We are naturally hoping that there will be a few more laurels to add to the poster.

Signed for WorldWide Distribution

Beyond Staffing was also taken up for worldwide distribution on digital and free-to-air channels. It can be licensed from Intellect Pictures, Canada, along with our other films, The Returning and Cats!@

Beyond Staffing is the latest in a series of award winning short films created by our principal director, Paul Russell. This bring his current run to  18 award wins for his last three shorts. 


Six Awards in One Weekend

What a wonderful surprise as Beyond Staffing scoops up Best Short Film and Best Director at the MP Film Festival in Belgium.

Six Successes!

It’s not very often that a run like this comes around, but this weekend was a perfect storm for all three of our latest shorts, each one picking up a Best Film in various categories in several prestigious international film festivals. 

Beyond Staffing, our latest, won Best Short Fim and Best Director at the MP Film Festival, Season 4 2019 in Belgium

Cats! won Best Short Comedy People’s Choice Awards at both the Austria International Film Festival and the World Film Fair in Los Angeles.

The Returning won Best Horror Film at both the Madrid Arts Film Festival and the World Film Fair in LA. 

None of this recognition would be possible without the help of the very important people who have been in front of and behind the camera in each of these projects, including:

Tunku Halim
Fairil Emran Desa
Leila Louise Fitton
Keren Bala Devan
Adrianna Astle
Rose Marie
David Yáñez Barroso
Shafina Sukiman
Rosli Basir
Chloe Yap
Amanda, Michael and Connor Russell


  • Beyond Staffing, Best Actress Nomination
  • Beyond Staffing, Best Short Film Winner
  • The Returning and Cats! make it to LA

Winners, Nominations and Showings in LA

We’ve had a very exciting week.

First Adrianna Aye grabbed a Best Actress nomination for her role in Beyond Staffing at the Feel The Reel Festival 2019.

Then the same film won Best Short at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival. Today we learned that it has also been nominated for Best Short Film at the MoveMe Productions Film Festival in Belgium.


And then… we also learned that both Cats! and The Returning have been officially selected – without paying an entrance fee – to the prestigious World Film Fair, which will occur in November in Los Angeles in two weeks time.

This is great news for The Returning, especially, as it won 9 major awards and 8 minor awards in a short festival in 2017/2018. This will help us to reach an international market.

Here’s some recognition for the wonderful people who helped make these productions happen.

Tunku Halim
Fairil Emran Desa
Leila Louise Fitton
Keren Bala Devan
Adrianna Aye
Michael Russell
Amanda Russell
Rose Marie
David Yáñez Barroso
Rosli Basir
Chloe Yap
Stephen O Reynolds

We have three feature film products in development. Do you want to join in the success?