Here’s a little labour of love. What’s the point of having a film production company if you can’t make your own films? 

So one day we had the idea that, within a month or so and with a lot of help from our friends, turned into this comedy short starring Keren Bala Devan. 

Paul had scripted out the basic idea and then sent it to his friend in Singapore, Tom Radford, Tom in turn realised that it was, in his own words ‘Comedy Gold’, and sent it to Keren, who also loved it. Our very own Shafina jumped into the production chair and all of a sudden we were shooting. 

The shoot took two nights and post production too 11 days, including 2.5 days for sound design. Everything was shot and posted using our own in-house equipment.

The result is this hilarious short which cracks jokes all the way to the final frame,