Represented Directors

In addition to our in-house director Paul, we also represent a number of freelance directors from Malaysia and the region. We will be updating this page frequently.


Mark Lee See Teck, Award Winning Director

‘To utilize our skills to the fullest into making a positive change to the people & environment is a self responsibility rather than a charitable act’. –Mark Lee

Mark is a dedicated and professional film/ commercial director, with extensive experience in creative craft, writing, directing and managing production works. A highly motivated and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results and worldwide recognition, achievements include film awards in the years of practicing his career.

Fluent in English, Bahasa Malaysia and three dialects Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien), Mark quickly gets his interviewees at ease and catches the heart of the story.

Having championed environmental issues for some time now, Malaysian director/producer Mark Lee recently won the Best in Asia award in the Picture This Festival For The Planet for his short, ‘Mr Garbage’.


SONY Picture This Festival 2018- Asia Winner
KLEFF 2018 Official Selection & Finalist
ADOI (Silver), Best TV Commercial
ADOI (Bronze), Best Radio Commercial
1st Local Produced Feature Documentary on Commercial Screen, GSC.
Official Selection George Town Film Festival 2016
KL48 Hours Film Project 2015 (Best Audience Choice Awards)
Official Selection VIDDSEE Film Corner
VIDDSEE Most Popular Film 2015
Official Selection MOCA Film Festival 2015
CELCOM Escape Shorts Awards 2014 (Grand Prize)
BMW Shorties 2009 (Grand Finalist)
GOLDIE Film Awards 2005 (Gold), Palatka, US, Best Experimental Film
ASTRO Chinese Independent Film Awards
Malaysian Video Awards 2005, Best Experimental Film


Tom Radford

Tom Radford, Singapore based comedy director

Tom is a writer, a director and an avid fan of comedy. He also does standup and has a great network of other standups who regularly collaborate with him on his creations.  He understands the structure of comedy and jokes, revels in slapstick and setup gags and knows funny when he sees it.

In the past year of so, Tom has directed comedy ads and online programming for:
Toyota, Subway, Flextronics, Cisco, Amadeus, Visa and Dentsu. 

Tom says, “Comedy directors must be open minded, audacious, improvisational and reactive. Whilst all projects are meticulously planned, Tom believes that if someone has a great idea on the day that adds value then let’s make time to shoot it. These moments can be the differentiator between good and great content.”

Here’s Tom’s showreel. You’ll spot a lot of Paul’s DOP work on this.