Thus… With a Kiss Gets a Facelift

Back in 2014 we collaborated with our friends Jo Mama to create Thus… With A Kiss, starring excellent local actor, Alfred Loh. This time Fairil (star of The Returning) stayed behind the camera to direct this spooky thriller. 

With Beyond Staffing safely on its way out to the world, we decided to put a fresh coat of paint on this earlier masterpiece, which has benefited greatly from setting the black levels and contrast correctly with the latest tech.

The script was co-written by Paul Russell and a young American talent called Rhonnie Fordham, who has gone on to scripting feature films. We also borrowed some lines from a reputable bard, William Shakespeare.

Music provided by our very talented friend Adison Albert.

So settle in and prepare yourself for a dark, lonely night with our budding thespian, as he finds his rehearsal doesn’t quite go as planned. 

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